Easy Tricks For Building A Tight Bond With Your New Dog

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Bringing home a new dog can be like bringing home a newborn baby. You are probably worried about making sure that he has the best food, toys and a comfortable place to rest his head. Additionally, you are probably wondering whether or not you will have the relationship with your dog that you long for. If this is something that you are concerned about you should definitely read the article below. It is full of easy to follow tips on how to build a great relationship with your new soon-to-be best friend.

Treat your dog with respect. The easiest way to earn the respect and love of another being is to treat him the same. Respecting when your dog is hungry, thirsty, needs to go outside and more can mean so much for a healthy relationship. There will be times when you will not feel like getting up to let your dog out, but you should always take care of your dog’s needs as they present themselves. Your dog will reward you for it every day if you do.

Make time to pet and snuggle your dog. Just like a human, your dog needs a lot of affection to know that he is loved and wanted in your life. Most dogs love to sit with people while they watch television or read. Use these times to connect with your dog on a physical level. Not only is this good for your relationship with your dog, but many studies have shown that being affectionate with a pet can increase your life expectancy by many years.

Make time to play with your dog every day. Again, just like a young child, your dog needs a lot of activity to feel satisfied. They are driven to explore and play so that they can learn about their environment and about how to be a dog. It is best that your dog gets at least an hour of play each day during its first five years. After that, its activity level will vary, but exercise will always be an important part of its life. This play time with you will also do a lot to create a strong bond between you and your dog. You will learn about the ways that he likes to play and he will learn what tricks or games that make you happy. Remember that everything that you do for your dog is also something that you are doing for yourself in the end.

Owning a dog is very easy in itself, but caring for your dog in the right way so that you can create a rewarding bond with it, is a whole different story. To accomplish that you must be dedicated, respectful and loving to your dog anytime that you can. As long as you put the tips above to use in your everyday dealings with your dog, you will find that you easily form the loving relationship with him that you are looking for.

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